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May 25, 2010

As of this date Capt. Tyner called our office to state his PLEASURE with his move. He moved from Ft. Drum to Nebraska.

First day of pack was 4/22 and Dennis, Bruce and Ivan were on the job. The second day of pack on 4/23, Bruce and Dennis were on the job.

Shipment loaded on Monday 4/26, Dennis, Mike, Dexter and Brian were on the job that day. Capt. Tyner wanted to let all know that in 20 years this is by far the best move he has ever had. "An extra handshake to Dennis for the excellent job/service!"

Kudos to all involved and you need to know how much your hard work is appreciated! Capt. Tyner reassured me that he will fill out the government survey reflecting all the above.



July 25, 2010

Dear Mr. Brown,

We are writing to thank you for the wonderful service you gave us.

We had first called another company - P.O.D.S. - because we had heard that it would be inexpensive. They would deliver the pods and after we had packed them at our convenience, would pick them up and deliver them to Florida. Easy, right? Well, by the time we realized we would need three containers and pay another company to pack and unpack them and provide our own blankets, ropes, and locks and pay mandatory storage fees at a warehouse for a couple days before they shipped them out, again at a yard in Florida in the hot sun, it would have cost us way too much!

I was skeptical about calling a regular moving company because I thought it would be even more expensive. Just the opposite. My husband said to call a couple of companies. You came to assess our belongings. You were very polite. You went through the whole house, garage, and shed, answered our questions, then thanked us and said that you would have a quote for us soon. You explained that you are a full-service companay, that your men would both load and unload the truck. When we received the quote we were very pleased. It was cheaper than P.O.D.S. and included everything needed for the move. Naturally, we signed the contract.

But that's not all! Henry and his men were very polite and accomodating. Henry made sure that every box and item was accounted for and he listened to our concerns about our fragile items. The crew placed them carefully in the truck and worked very efficiently. They even shrink-wrapped some of the furniture.

The move went beautifully and the same professional service was accorded to our daughter at the destination in Florida.

Thank you again for your excellent and courteous work. We will be sure to recommend your company.

Katherine and David Ward